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Maciejówka hat from Legionowo

Maciejówka hat from Legionowo

  • Manufacturer:PW Hatex
  • Type: Czapki Historyczne

    • 230.00zł

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    Legion/Maciejówka cap

    The cap used in the Polish Legions of Józef Piłsudski was the basic headgear of the Legion and rifle units, this ordinary gray cap was, however, the favorite headgear of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, which is currently associated mainly with him. Maciejówka survived with minor modifications until the Polish-Bolshevik war and even shortly after it. After adding colorful rims and tabs, it was often used in cavalry and horse artillery.

    - Made of gray hechtgrau cloth

    -visor and lining made of brown natural leather

    -legionary eagle with the letter L or S

    - embossed buttons with an eagle.

    - cotton lining.

    - natural leather sweatband

    We will sew any size you need.

    We sewed these caps for the film << LEGIONS >>

    The history of Maciejówka's cap

    The Maciejówka cap was created in Germany around 1848, when free-thinking youth, not wanting to wear high hats, bent their sides.

    She came to Poland together with livestock traders called "Mr. Maciej". From the beginning of the 20th century, it was a widespread headgear among members of revolutionary organizations, but also peasants, village officials, workers and night watchmen

    The most characteristic and recognizable part of the uniforms of the soldiers of the 1st Legions Brigade is the so-called maciejówka. Cap with a round, unhardened bottom, made of gray (gray-blue) cloth. A thin, leather strap is attached above the stiff, semi-circular brown leather visor. Above the bar there is a legionary eagle

    Maciejówka caps were very popular in the countryside at the end of the 19th century. Due to their simplicity, ease of manufacture and cheapness, in 1912, the Kraków Strzelce introduced a uniform gray matzeva as a headgear for all members of the union.

    In 1913, the shooting uniform was finally designed to be not only modern and cheap. Often, however, the price turned out to be too high, many shooters were satisfied with only the cap ...

    With the outbreak of the war in August 1914, Kompania Kadrowa made sure that at least the matzevah was a hallmark of the unit.

    On December 12, 1916, a meeting of senior legionary officers met, chaired by Col. Zieliński discussing the shape of the uniform and headgear. There were two suggestions. Colonel Józef Haller proposed a matzeva with insets in the color of a weapon, with an eagle decorated with a crown and the regiment's number on the amazon's shield, with an officer's rosette and a scales-shaped stripe on the cap. Colonel Januszajtis suggested the helmet. It was supposed to more "homify" the silhouette of the legend and protect it in combat conditions. A helmet would be a better solution, but Maciejówka won (the helmet would be German).

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