Please note, all hats are sewn to individual customer order!

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YouTube Customer review

YouTube review from the USA!  

Here is a review by one of our American customers on his YouTube channel: WWII Reenacted (@wwiireenacted9689). 
Please see a short but very hands on description of our hat and user's personal impressions after using it. 

We offer quality workmanship and materials, plus very quick delivery. 

If you wish to have a hat, and you cannot find it anywhere, try us.
Some, very rare hats in our collection, we sew from images and whatever can be found on the internet.
You'd be positively surprised as to our prices for such a creative process of bringing old headwear back to life. 

30 May, 2023

Cap Warrant Kop Wz 1935-1939 

We sew our caps for reenactment associations and orchestras.
We also sewed for films in Poland and abroad.
We sell military caps to various museums in the country and abroad.
We are constantly expanding our offer.
We are open to our customers, adapting to their requirements.

30 March, 2018